Mar 14, 2018

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Are contract phone plans better than SIM only deals?


This is a question that many people think about, especially when it comes to buying a new phone. Why? The answer is quite easy – when opting for a contract phone plan, you get certain benefits when buying a new phone, but you are strictly tied to the contractual period and you pay a lot more each month. On the other hand, when selecting SIM only deals, you can buy yourself a new phone with your own money, no discounts involved, but you pay less each month and you have the same benefits you’d have with a contract phone plan, only that you are not tied to a certain period of time. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages and the only factor that can make you choose one or another is represented by your own requirements and preferences. Here is a short presentation of each option that will help you make your final decision:

SIM only

SIM only plans are popular among people who already own a phone and they are not willing to pay a higher amount of money each month to obtain discounts for buying a new one. The benefits of such plans are numerous, but they are suitable for certain kinds of users. It only covers mobile services and, as the name suggests, users are paying for the SIM only. The main positive aspect of choosing a SIM only plan is that you’ll get to use the same services as in the case of a contract phone plan for less money and less commitment.

You won’t need to stick with certain options for one or two whole years. Checking the 3G plans and comparing them to other companies that offer mobile services will help you get a better grip on the options offered in the case of SIM only plans. Also, you can sign-up for such plans without involving personal information or your credit check. SIM-only plans offer you the possibility to opt for pay-as-you-go services, meaning that you can choose each month separately what type of mobile service plan to use next. It is both flexible and affordable.

Contract phone

In the case of a contract phone plan, you will pay a monthly fee to your service provider. This fee is usually higher than in the case of a SIM only plan, but the services offered are quite similar. The only difference is that you don’t need to make any investment upfront. You can get a free phone from the respective company, without being required to save money beforehand. If you thoroughly compare the offers of each company that comes to your path, there is a chance to find an affordable plan that won’t cause you any inconveniences at the end of the month.

Final thoughts  

It all depends on what you expect from your mobile provider. If you want a new phone and you can afford to pay the same fee each month until the contractual period ends, select contract phone plans. Otherwise, go with SIM only ones. Each choice is suitable as long as it fits your needs.