Jun 1, 2018

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Old-school marketing strategies tech-savvy companies shouldn’t overlook


Whether it’s small or developed, an enterprise should always move forward, and increase in success. If you have been noticing a drawback in your marketing outcomes, perhaps you should start implementing new ideas. While digital advertising techniques, starting with social media and up to SEO campaigns, need to be part of the marketing plan of any company functioning in today’s market, traditional alternatives should however not be neglected. If your enterprise is characterised as tech-savvy, you have probably not paid that much attention to old-school options, but perhaps now it’s time to pursue a change of direction. Here are the things you should focus on doing, which may just bring you some surprising results:

Branded umbrellas and other promotional products

Whether it’s an umbrella branded with the logo of your company or a pen with the name of the enterprise, promotional products are still as effective today as they used to be in the past. When handed out at the right gatherings (events, business fairs), to the right target audience, they might bring you a rapid clientele increase. Today’s consumers continue to appreciate promotional gifts, and if your choose them wisely, drawing interest to your business will be a natural outcome. As long as you collaborate with the right company for the production of your branded gifts, you will manage pursuing an effective, and budget friendly marketing strategies.

Direct mail marketing

While direct mail has been replaced with emailing in the majority of situations, you should know that going back to the basics might work better than imagined. If you use customized, printed envelopes that are designed to catch the eye of the recipient immediately, the odds are, they will open to check your promotional materials. When you are actually providing an appealing deal, a big percentage of the recipients might even contact your business and resort to your services or products. If you do it right, direct mail marketing can be the game-changing advertising solution you were looking for all along.


An ad on TV or on the radio might have been far from what your marketing department has been thinking about, but you should know that broadcasting your services or products will be an investment worth making. An advertisement on TV will give your enterprise the authenticity it needs in front of your targeted clientele, and one broadcasted on the radio will raise interest. Yes, TV and Radio advertising might cost a bit much, but if your company can allocate the budget, the returns will raise up to your expectations.

As you can see, while we do in fact live in the digital era, and marketing has been almost entirely moved in the online, old-school strategies still play their essential role. Although your company might be tech-oriented, and digital tools are your go-to options when it comes to advertising your enterprise, the few ideas mentioned above should catch a bit of your interest. After pursuing them properly, you will conclude for yourself how effective they can actually turn out to be.

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May 1, 2018

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How self storage can benefit your IT firm


People have the misconception that self storage is useful only if you plan to move. The fact is that more and more companies invest in self storage nowadays, because it is a great way to store the items they do not need in their headquarters. Here are some of the main advantages you will have if you choose to have self storage for your IT company.

You can create space

You may want to expand your company, but you do not have room to put new desks inside your office, because there are present numerous boxes with paperwork and devices you used. Many business premises are overwhelmed with equipment, paperwork and other items. The majority of the items you have stocked in boxes are not used on a daily basis. You do not want to throw them, because you may need to use them one day. They best way to make room for new desks, and employees is to put these items into storage units Saskatoon. In this way you will keep your business organized and you will reduce the risk of potential safety or health risks.

Archive your data

As an IT company you need to keep your information and files of your customers, associates, deals and products in safety conditions. But you may not have room for all of them in your headquarters. It is necessary to have an archive with data because you will have to use it for reference, but you may find a better use to the rooms where you have it stored. In this case you can use a self storage space to keep the documents and files into safety conditions. Also, you will free up your space and you can use it for other purposes.

It is convenient to have a self storage space

In the majority of cases IT companies consider a great benefit to have a self storage space, because they know that they can access it when they need it. Their items will be safe there and they are able to avoid hassle in their headquarters. If you rent this type of space you will pay for it, only as long as you need it, because if you consider that you do not need it anymore, you only have to inform the provider that the storage space will be free at the end of the month.

You have a space where to store your supplies

As a company you buy supplies in bulk, because you get a better price for products. From cleaning supplies, to desk chairs, and copier paper, everything is cheaper if you buy them in bulk. And you can be sure that you will need these products. But you have to find space where to store them until they will be used. Well, having a self storage space offers you the possibility to purchase supplies cheap. You should check which one of the providers offers video surveillance, if you plan to store there expensive IT equipment, because you have to make sure that your investment is kept in a secure space.

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Apr 17, 2018

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Could Google search engine results influence your sales?


So, you are sitting in front of a computer, looking at your own website and you have no idea whether your target audience knows about it. This is a common situation nowadays, especially because all businesses tend to move in the online field. You can get the most publicity out of social media, search engine results and the Internet altogether. The possibilities are tremendous, and you have to learn how to use them for your own good. Being a beginner in terms of technology, computers, and Internet can be a huge impediment when managing a website. This is the reason why you might want to gather as much information about this topic as possible. If you feel like you can’t face all the concepts involved, feel free to contact a specialized company to take care of the job for you.

This article is meant to offer you some relevant pieces of information regarding Google search engine results and sales. There is a strong bond between your website showing on top of the result list and how many people are choosing your services. The more optimized your website is, the higher the chances of boosting your profitability. Experts at https://www.track-r.net/ present the essential concepts to pay attention to. These concepts will help with handling your online presence and you can take a peek at them listed below:

Internal links and keywords

The first concept you’ll want to learn more about is related to internal links and keywords, as they are the solution to indexing pages, providing value to your content and improving the navigation on your website. As visitors, people will look for quality content and easy navigation. Through better indexation, there is a higher chance of going up in the search engine results.

As for keywords, determining what your website position is through choosing specific keywords is a must. Trackers are the easiest method you can choose to make sure that your website position based on keywords is accurately discovered. Of course, when you’re not good with keywords, suggestions could help your website be more visible in search engine results. Internal links correlated with keywords represent a safe bet to your way up in Google rankings. Don’t be afraid to play with keywords suggestions until you find the solution that works best for your individual situation. Specific keywords could help you reach your goals faster than ever, so don’t ignore this step.

Over-optimizing can be troubling

Downsides are always present, no matter the topic discussed. If you don’t know how to handle search engine optimization, you risk achieving an unwanted result. This refers to overoptimizing your website. Internal links can cause trouble if used abusively. Stick to 100 internal links to your homepage and focus your attention on deep-links. Avoid no-follow links at all costs, as they look unprofessional, they have no relevance to indexation and they send visitors away instead of keeping them on your website. Mistakes can be avoided by doing your homework beforehand and knowing for sure what your plans are.

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Mar 14, 2018

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Are contract phone plans better than SIM only deals?


This is a question that many people think about, especially when it comes to buying a new phone. Why? The answer is quite easy – when opting for a contract phone plan, you get certain benefits when buying a new phone, but you are strictly tied to the contractual period and you pay a lot more each month. On the other hand, when selecting SIM only deals, you can buy yourself a new phone with your own money, no discounts involved, but you pay less each month and you have the same benefits you’d have with a contract phone plan, only that you are not tied to a certain period of time. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages and the only factor that can make you choose one or another is represented by your own requirements and preferences. Here is a short presentation of each option that will help you make your final decision:

SIM only

SIM only plans are popular among people who already own a phone and they are not willing to pay a higher amount of money each month to obtain discounts for buying a new one. The benefits of such plans are numerous, but they are suitable for certain kinds of users. It only covers mobile services and, as the name suggests, users are paying for the SIM only. The main positive aspect of choosing a SIM only plan is that you’ll get to use the same services as in the case of a contract phone plan for less money and less commitment.

You won’t need to stick with certain options for one or two whole years. Checking the 3G plans and comparing them to other companies that offer mobile services will help you get a better grip on the options offered in the case of SIM only plans. Also, you can sign-up for such plans without involving personal information or your credit check. SIM-only plans offer you the possibility to opt for pay-as-you-go services, meaning that you can choose each month separately what type of mobile service plan to use next. It is both flexible and affordable.

Contract phone

In the case of a contract phone plan, you will pay a monthly fee to your service provider. This fee is usually higher than in the case of a SIM only plan, but the services offered are quite similar. The only difference is that you don’t need to make any investment upfront. You can get a free phone from the respective company, without being required to save money beforehand. If you thoroughly compare the offers of each company that comes to your path, there is a chance to find an affordable plan that won’t cause you any inconveniences at the end of the month.

Final thoughts  

It all depends on what you expect from your mobile provider. If you want a new phone and you can afford to pay the same fee each month until the contractual period ends, select contract phone plans. Otherwise, go with SIM only ones. Each choice is suitable as long as it fits your needs.

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Jan 23, 2018

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Top skills required for web development

Who said that being a web developer is easy? You have to know complex languages, not to mention that you have to continue your journey. It’s important to enhance your skills and continue to learn. The chances are that you’re not interested in all of this. The only thing that you want is to hire a web developer who knows what they are doing. If you are looking to hire a web developer, then you need to know what to look for. When interviewing candidates for the job, you should be looking for the following qualities. Make sure that you include them on your list and don’t rush into hiring anyone.


You’ve surely heard about HTML before. Just to refresh your memory, HTML is a computer language that makes it possible to create online platforms. As you can imagine, it’s of paramount importance for someone specializing in web development Thailand to have HTML skills. The professional can’t exercise the profession without knowledge of HTML. Hiring someone without this basic skill means hiring someone that doesn’t have any idea how sites are built. Qualified professionals don’t develop websites using templates. More often than not, they build webpages from scratch. They are capable of doing that because they have a solid foundation and, most importantly, they have a passion for computer languages. In addition to HTML, they master languages like Ruby and GitHub.

Mobile support

In case you didn’t have the time to notice, our world is changing at a rapid pace. The world has become mobile. We use mobile devices with every possible occasion. If you look around you, you’re very likely to see a person glued to their smartphones. As a business, you need to adapt to this world. What can happen if you don’t? Well, you’ll be left behind. When choosing a web developer, make sure that they can offer you mobile support. Simply put, the expert should be able to create a mobile site for your website. This involves developing a site that looks great in small size and that supports a wide range of devices. Find a person that knows mobile technology.

Empathy an understanding others

If you want your project to be successful, you have to maintain good communication with the developer. The final results depends a lot on how well you communicate your wishes to the professional. This part surely won’t be easy. Some web developers don’t take the time to explain things in plain language. In other words, they don’t have any kind of empathy. They aren’t jerks but neither are they willing to make an effort. What you need to know is that not all people are like this. The vast majority of experts manifest empathy when dealing with others. They don’t say negative things and they take the time to get to know you. How do you know if the person sitting in front of you will have a positive attitude when you collaborate? Well, you’ll figure it out.     

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