Jul 26, 2018

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Smart storage: how to properly store electronic gadgets

Many individuals and businesses opt for self-storage when it comes to finding a secure place for their items, which can vary from appliances, furniture, automobiles, collectibles, valuable jewelry to seasonal items, documents and archives,                 toys, holiday decorations and electronic gadgets. Each of this category comes with a special set of instructions in what concerns proper packaging, transport and storage. For instance, whether we are talking about pieces of furniture used in the living room or the office, those who want to place them in self-storage have to impede moisture from affecting their condition over time by placing wooden pallets or plastic on the ground and by applying a generous coat of wax to sophisticated furniture made of natural wood for additional protection. In what concerns metallic furniture, polishing each piece nicely will protect the finish. Rodent repellent and climate control are equally useful in this case. Just like furniture, electronic gadgets also need special attention when stored. From television sets and scanner machines to mobile phones, laptops and computers, self-storage has room for all.

Choose a storage unit with climate control for peace of mind

Before following the crucial packaging, transport and storage rules related to storing electronic devices, you have to select and rent the right storage unit for your needs. This step is more than simple: you just have to type “storage units near me” and explore the results displayed. The chances of not finding a good storage unit for your electronics are almost non-existent. Moving on to the actual electronics, you are probably fully aware that they are quite sensitive and complex since they contain numerous small parts and individual pieces that require a special environment in order to remain intact throughout the entire storage period. The biggest enemies or threats that you need to eliminate from the picture refer to humidity and temperature, which can impact the functionality of your precious gadgets. Thus, during the selection process, you have to determine if the chosen storage unit provides climate control, which represents the ideal feature in such a situation because it maintains a constant temperature inside the unit and it prevents humidity from ruining your items.

Follow the rules when it comes to packing and storing electronics

Think about the negative effects summer and winter can have on a simple printer: during the hot season, rust and condensation might become a serious problem while in the cold season, the ink could freeze. Obviously, the main objective is to avoid such scenarios, but how do you actually pack, transport and organize the electronic devices inside the storage unit? In what concern packing, you have to consider some basic tips like using bubble wrap, which protects the items by acting as a shock absorber, using something to cover bigger electronics in order to avoid dust buildup, labeling the boxes to know exactly the type of content inside and even adding warning labels or writing on the boxes containing fragile electronics. If you decide to store expensive electronic devices, you should definitely consider getting insurance. 

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Mar 14, 2018

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Are contract phone plans better than SIM only deals?


This is a question that many people think about, especially when it comes to buying a new phone. Why? The answer is quite easy – when opting for a contract phone plan, you get certain benefits when buying a new phone, but you are strictly tied to the contractual period and you pay a lot more each month. On the other hand, when selecting SIM only deals, you can buy yourself a new phone with your own money, no discounts involved, but you pay less each month and you have the same benefits you’d have with a contract phone plan, only that you are not tied to a certain period of time. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages and the only factor that can make you choose one or another is represented by your own requirements and preferences. Here is a short presentation of each option that will help you make your final decision:

SIM only

SIM only plans are popular among people who already own a phone and they are not willing to pay a higher amount of money each month to obtain discounts for buying a new one. The benefits of such plans are numerous, but they are suitable for certain kinds of users. It only covers mobile services and, as the name suggests, users are paying for the SIM only. The main positive aspect of choosing a SIM only plan is that you’ll get to use the same services as in the case of a contract phone plan for less money and less commitment.

You won’t need to stick with certain options for one or two whole years. Checking the 3G plans and comparing them to other companies that offer mobile services will help you get a better grip on the options offered in the case of SIM only plans. Also, you can sign-up for such plans without involving personal information or your credit check. SIM-only plans offer you the possibility to opt for pay-as-you-go services, meaning that you can choose each month separately what type of mobile service plan to use next. It is both flexible and affordable.

Contract phone

In the case of a contract phone plan, you will pay a monthly fee to your service provider. This fee is usually higher than in the case of a SIM only plan, but the services offered are quite similar. The only difference is that you don’t need to make any investment upfront. You can get a free phone from the respective company, without being required to save money beforehand. If you thoroughly compare the offers of each company that comes to your path, there is a chance to find an affordable plan that won’t cause you any inconveniences at the end of the month.

Final thoughts  

It all depends on what you expect from your mobile provider. If you want a new phone and you can afford to pay the same fee each month until the contractual period ends, select contract phone plans. Otherwise, go with SIM only ones. Each choice is suitable as long as it fits your needs.

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Jan 23, 2018

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Top skills required for web development

Who said that being a web developer is easy? You have to know complex languages, not to mention that you have to continue your journey. It’s important to enhance your skills and continue to learn. The chances are that you’re not interested in all of this. The only thing that you want is to hire a web developer who knows what they are doing. If you are looking to hire a web developer, then you need to know what to look for. When interviewing candidates for the job, you should be looking for the following qualities. Make sure that you include them on your list and don’t rush into hiring anyone.


You’ve surely heard about HTML before. Just to refresh your memory, HTML is a computer language that makes it possible to create online platforms. As you can imagine, it’s of paramount importance for someone specializing in web development Thailand to have HTML skills. The professional can’t exercise the profession without knowledge of HTML. Hiring someone without this basic skill means hiring someone that doesn’t have any idea how sites are built. Qualified professionals don’t develop websites using templates. More often than not, they build webpages from scratch. They are capable of doing that because they have a solid foundation and, most importantly, they have a passion for computer languages. In addition to HTML, they master languages like Ruby and GitHub.

Mobile support

In case you didn’t have the time to notice, our world is changing at a rapid pace. The world has become mobile. We use mobile devices with every possible occasion. If you look around you, you’re very likely to see a person glued to their smartphones. As a business, you need to adapt to this world. What can happen if you don’t? Well, you’ll be left behind. When choosing a web developer, make sure that they can offer you mobile support. Simply put, the expert should be able to create a mobile site for your website. This involves developing a site that looks great in small size and that supports a wide range of devices. Find a person that knows mobile technology.

Empathy an understanding others

If you want your project to be successful, you have to maintain good communication with the developer. The final results depends a lot on how well you communicate your wishes to the professional. This part surely won’t be easy. Some web developers don’t take the time to explain things in plain language. In other words, they don’t have any kind of empathy. They aren’t jerks but neither are they willing to make an effort. What you need to know is that not all people are like this. The vast majority of experts manifest empathy when dealing with others. They don’t say negative things and they take the time to get to know you. How do you know if the person sitting in front of you will have a positive attitude when you collaborate? Well, you’ll figure it out.     

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Jul 5, 2017

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Interesting facts about Apple, iPhones and Steve Jobs


The amazing brand that redefined computers and technology overall surely hides some interesting facts about the products, the brand itself and the founder. The evolution is an amazing one, the brand being currently one of the top sellers around the world in terms of techy stuff. Truth be told, Apple brands have become an obsession, a fetish for many, and needless to say, when the company launches a new product, inevitably there will be thousands of people lining up to get their hands on a new product. On the topic of iPhone’s evolution, you can read more at http://blog.mobilemob.com.au/, but below we will provide some interesting facts about the brand the man behind it and the products he created.

Steve Jobs is half Syrian

Yes, you read that right, and if this doesn’t surprise you, maybe the fact that he was adopted, might. As his young and clueless biological parents met at the University of Wisconsin at 23 years old, the couple put on adoption the baby that was to become a legend in 1995. His father was a Syrian immigrant, known under the name of Abdulfattah Jandali. So don’t judge people based on their skin colour or social status, because they might in fact change your future someday.

The first Apple computer had a rather odd price

Many might call it satanic price since the product’s price tag said $666.66. Apparently, the first Apple product was accidentally priced under the number of the beast since the American electronic guru Steve Wozniak didn’t realise the satanic connotation he gave to the fresh piece of engineering.   

Your Apple products are shipped to you by air…

…and never by sea. The company seems to value the rapidity with which their products reach the customer, and not the price at which the shipment comes. Because of this reason, shipments travel from China to the States in only fifteen hours, not thirteen days, like if they were to be shipped by sea. Another reason behind this strategy is that their products are more than unlikely to be high jacked during a flight. The airline of choice is Cathay Pacific, being the largest customer the freight company has.

The guy guilty for the satanic price tag still works for Apple

Remember Steve Wozniak? Years later he still works for Apple. He is the company’s co-founder, starting the brand in his garage in 1976. He does not work for Apple technically, in the present, but the $120.000 he still receives yearly make it look so.

The third original party gave up his right only a few weeks in

Technically, the brand was started by the two Steves, and Ronald Wayne. Who, ironically, sold his stake only a few weeks in, fearing the debts. Once again, ironically, he sold his 10% stake for only $800. Only if he knew…

These are some interesting and rather unexpected facts about the empire we all seem to love. If you are interested in finding out more about the company’s products, research diligently the specialised websites and blogs.

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May 30, 2017

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Affordable branding techniques for small start-up businesses

Having a small start-up has never prove to be a simple task. You must invest in plenty of elements and details, from your marketing strategy, to developing a generous portfolio of reliable clients. These are all elements that require your entire attention and some of your budget as well. However, if you need some great and affordable ideas to use for advertising your business, we have some great ones for you below. Our ideas start with investing in products such as these cheap envelopes in Singapore and continue with personalized stamps and branded paper.

Personalized envelopes

These little details make a great difference when it comes to advertising a new business. Although the large players on the market already have their audience, you want to make your company known to a larger number of individuals. Thus, investing in visible elements to identify your correspondence might come in great help for your particular situation. Printed envelopes will make your business stand out when you deliver your correspondence. This will help you when you deliver important documents to your collaborators, since the ones coming from you will be easier to identify from a large volume of envelopes and that will increase the awareness regarding your business. Thus, this simple and affordable approach will act as a great advertising tool.

Create a powerful brand with personalized rubber stamps

Your rubber stamps tell the story of your business. Some leafs integrated signal the care the company has for the environment, an apple or a fruit, might signal a company that produces bio products, and so on. Find an element that is easy and appropriate with your company, and integrate it on your rubber stamps. It will help you to increase the level of awareness towards your company, since we all know that these stamps go on all legal documents for a company. Consider this alternative as an affordable yet powerful marketing tool.

Branded paper helps as well

On the same principle as the previous two ideas works branded paper. For your official documents you could use watermarked paper with the logo of your company. This is a great and affordable idea all large corporations use for marketing purposes. If it works well enough for them, why wouldn’t it work for you? Use this technique to increase your audience of your company.

These affordable advertising ideas will help the companies with even the smallest marketing budget to become known on the local market.

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Mar 29, 2017

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How to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked

Strong passwords make a great difference when we consider the fact that part of our lives take place and develop on the virtual space. Facebook became in the past years the beholder of our deepest secrets, our contact with the outside world, the place where friendships begin, develop and maybe sometimes end. It has become our main tool of expressing ourselves, but what if you start noticing your Facebook starts to express things that don’t align with your philosophies and views? There might be a chance for your account to be the subject of a hacking move. As Avatier’s Password Security Infographic explains to us, there is a chance that even a close friend or relative is guilty of it. However, this is oftentimes an identity theft, and we all know that this is a severe felony. But how do you figure out that your account has been hacked? We have a couple of hints that might indicate this as it follows:

There is a simple way of checking the login history

From the Setting menu, one can learn from what devices their account has been used. In the right upper corer of the page, users will find the Settings menu, from which they must access the Security section. From there, choose the “Where You’re Logged In” menu. This will display all the devices that have been used to long into your account. This will allow you do identify if there are some unknown devices. If there are, most likely your account has been hacked.  Case in which, you have the possibility to disconnect the activity on those particular devices by hitting “End Activity” and resetting your password. Only make sure you use a strong one, since the previous one was simple enough to be figured out by others.

Signs that someone is using your account without your permission

There are a couple of hints that you are not the only one with activity on your account. For instance, if you notice friend requests sent to people you don’t know or don’t recall sending those friend requests. If messages have been sent from your account but you don’t remember sending them, there is a chance that someone is using the account without your permission, and the same in possible if your name, or birthday or other personal data has been changed. 

What to do if your account has been hacked?

Remember the fact that large corporations are using Facebook to reach closer to their clients and collaborators. In such cases, the identity theft might translate in great negative effects on the company’s reliability, image and trustworthiness. However, no matter an account is personal or for corporate purposes, if someone hacked it, go to the Facebook Help Page and ask there for assistance. And to prevent further identity thefts, and especially for corporations, it is advisable for Login Alerts to be set up, Two-Factor Authentication to be activated, in order to make sure the account remains safe.   

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