Mar 8, 2013

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Fix a Stuck Computer Monitor Pixel

Today, people seem to be more and more interested in purchasing a LCD because of its flat and sleek screen and high definition picture quality. But the bad thing that can happen to these monitors is that they can present sometimes some strange dots on their screen which is something that can annoy owners. If you are among the people that have to face these small problems in their LCD screen then it might be the time to find out why these unusual dots appear on your monitor and what types of such dots you can find on your monitor. In most cases these dots can refer to a single pixel or more pixels that either are not working properly or they are simply dead as the transistors activating them are broken.

If you wonder how to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel, then you must find out in the first place whether it is about a stuck pixel or a dead pixel you are looking at. You should know that if you find out that the unusual pixel on your monitor is simply stuck there are a few ways in which you can make it functional again, while in the case of a dead pixel not too much can be done in order to make it work again. Here is a great guide on zapped it

If you need to know the difference between a stuck and a dead pixel you should first find out the way the pixels are working. Usually a pixel is made of three sub-pixels which carry a red, blue or green color. While activated by transistors these colors blend in creating thousands of other colors corresponding to the images we see on our monitor. But sometimes different problems can occur to the transistors behind these sub-pixels and the lack of electricity can affect one or two sub-pixel and in the case it affects the whole three of them then we can say the entire pixel is dead. In most cases when we deal with a stuck pixel the dot on the screen will appear in one color of the sub-pixels or it can be white. But when the whole pixel is dead then the dot is black.

So, if you need to know how to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel you should know you have a few ways out this issue. First you should try to use a damp cloth after having your computer turned off. Applying some pressure on your stuck monitor pixel should help in inactivating the sub-pixel that doesn’t work. After doing so, turn on your computer and your monitor and see whether the stuck pixel problem has disappeared. Another great idea when needing to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel would be to download different programs or tests available on the Internet that deal with stuck pixel issues and that are very helpful in solving these kinds of problems.