Feb 8, 2013

Posted in Pc Secrets

Fix LCD dead pixels

If you have a LCD and you have recently noticed that it has a faulty screen then there are some things you need to consider about the strange black or white dots that you may see on your LCD monitor. You should know that the problem with your monitor may be caused by some stuck or dead pixels that make the images you see on your LCD to present some different colored spots or dots.

If you need to know how to fix LCD dead pixels then it might be the time to find out more about the way the images you see on your monitor are been displayed by your Liquid Crystal Display. You should know that your LCD uses about two transparent materials that have between liquid filled pixels. The electricity which is transferred to these pixels actually creates the images you see on your LCD screen.

What you should know more is that there are about three sub-pixels carrying blue, red or green color that are included in one pixel. But these colors are combining in creating thousands of other colors. If any problem occurs with the transferring of the electricity to one pixel then you might get a corresponding defect on your LCD screen.

When you have to deal with dead pixels on your monitor you should know that the sub-pixels practically do not turn on or we can say that the whole pixels can not turn on and they create some black dots or spots on your LCD screen. If you see other color dots on your monitor, then it might be the case of some stuck or hot pixels on your liquid crystal screen.

However if you deal with dead pixels you should know that there are a few things you can do by yourself in order to fix LCD dead pixels. The first thing you should do in fixing your screen pixels is to turn off your computer. After doing so, try to take a damp washcloth to your hand and put some pressure using it in the area where you saw that dead pixel. Try to stick only to the faulty area because if you pressure in some other place, you might cause your monitor other dead pixels. While doing this to the faulty area on your screen, turn on your PC and monitor. You should take away the washcloth you’ve been using in applying pressure and see whether the problem with your pixel has been solved. If not, you have nothing else to do in order to fix LCD dead pixels and the best way is to use your warranty if available and take the monitor back to the manufacturer in order to have it replaced.