Jan 2, 2013

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How to secure a wireless network

Today, there are many persons who need to use a wireless connection in order to handle their online tasks no matter the field they are concerned with. Regardless the wireless connection problems that can happen while working on your computer or laptop, you should know that more important is to ensure your wireless network security. Otherwise you might find yourself in the situation of having different persons getting into your network and mess around with your work. If you need to know how to secure a wireless network, then you should take a few moments in reading the following lines that will also help you understand the importance you should give the safety of your wi-fi.

The first thing you should do in order to secure your wireless network is to pick a stronger administrator password which is crucial in your router and access point as it is the one that can change your configuration settings. Actually the first thing you should do after setting up your WLAN router is to personalize the default password. You should know that default passwords usually are pretty weak as they contain the brand name so the best way for you to create a safe wireless network is to change the default password as soon as possible. A more complex administrator password could mean more in terms of hard to guess passwords.

The way you handle your Service Set Identifier (SSID) is also important as it can mean making your network available to other visitors or not. The best way to secure your network is to hide your SSID broadcast from unwelcome visitors by turning it off. Another great tip in learning how to secure a wireless network would be to turn off your router when you are to leave your home and your PC or laptop for a longer period of time. You should know that your router settings will be kept on even if you choose to turn it off. If you decide on turning off your router while you are away for a few days you are also eliminating the chance for other curious eyes to visit your router.

Enabling your WPA encryption is also very essential in improving your wireless network security. The WPA password means asking any other computer to confirm this password before connecting to your router which should also help you putting some limits on your router access. Among other ideas you should follow in learning how to secure a wireless network you should also consider disabling the remote administration. You should know that the WLAN routers can be handled by using the Internet and in order to avoid other persons to access you router you should opt for turning off this option.