Jan 12, 2013

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How to speed up computer

Today almost all of us use a computer in order to access personal files, to keep track of some things we need to know about or to use the Internet. And since we all tend to create different shortcuts and put a lot of documents and files in our computer there is no wonder our computer comes to work very slowly and wait for some moments in responding to our actions. If you want to know how to speed up computer then you should take some minutes in reading the following lines of this article that will prove to be very helpful in giving you some tips and ideas about the way you should handle your computer for more speed.

The first thing you should do with your computer in order to speed up its actions is to upgrade its operating system. Usually the edition that includes the latest operating system will install on your PC even the latest improvements in speed and security. Also, if you want to run more programs at once on your computer and diminish the time you spend in waiting your computer to respond your actions you should go for adding extra RAM to your computer and this way your computer will handle more actions in a shorter period of time.

A great tip for speeding your computer is also to clean your desktop of the many unnecessary icons. If you use to make different shortcuts and to put many documents and files on your desktop you should know this way you take a lot of your computer operating memory and when you want to access your computer its actions will be much slower than if you choose keeping your desktop cleaner. Moreover instead of saving different files and documents on your desktop you should go for putting them into “My Documents” folder.
Another great idea in learning how to speed up computer is to opt for uninstalling the unused programs. These programs you are not using any more also take a lot of your computer operating memory and time. It is quite easy to make your computer run faster if you decide to go to your “Control Panel” and select the option “Add or Remove Programs” and get rid of a few programs that you are not using.

If you choose to periodically remove the Viruses, Spyware and Adware from you computer you will also get your PC work faster. In many cases the problems people have with their computer speed might be caused by some viruses that attack the operating system of the PC. From the Internet you can also get Spyware and Adware that different companies transfer to your PC in order to find out more about your commercial preferences. Scanning your computer from time to time and removing these threats can also help in your process of how to speed up computer.