Jan 21, 2016

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Interesting facts about printers

Nowadays, computers can be used for more purposes than the ones they were created for. Manufacturers have constantly improving their products and since their functionality expanded, new gadgets and accessories also appeared. The printer, for example, is one of the most popular computer accessory used worldwide. This device is an external hardware output component, able to transform electronic (or virtual data) stocked inside a PC or another computing device into a material copy of that data. The peripheral has known plenty of improvements along the years, which is why certain models can now deliver the most accurate images and texts. What is actually astonishing is that there are even 3D printers, which use a slightly different system and can create tri-dimensional hard copies of existing data. This is how much the printer actually evolved since it appeared.

Brief history

Apparently, the first mechanical printer appeared in the year 1822 and was invented by Charles Babbage. Back then, the device used the difference engine and had small metal pieces, each with a letter printed on it. These were pressed onto the paper sheet, rolled through the entire machine. As you can see, at that time the system was exclusively used for printing text and documents. Around the year 1950, specialists started to work on the first ink-based printer, and it seems that the first one appeared in 1977. In spite of this, the technology was rather rudimentary: a hot soldering iron was pushed into a syringe filled with ink. In the beginning of the 80s, printers were actually able to reproduce qualitative intricate digital images. Nowadays, there are several reliable companies (such as Canon, HP or Epson) that manufacture performing printers. Besides these, there are also multiple trustworthy firms where you can buy parts and accessories, such as the Spectra Galaxy 256 30 pl printhead.

Types of printers

Although most of them provide slightly similar results, there are multiple types of printers. The devices are classified according to the technology they use and the purpose: all-in-one printer, LED, plotter, thermal, multifunctional, inkjet, laser and even 3D printer. Each of these have different features and specifications, but they belong to the same family and have been developed using the same system. Among all these, the most common peripherals are inkjet and laser printers – users prefer these because they are affordable, convenient, easy to use and efficient.


The mobile printer

Although initially, printers could only be used for computers, nowadays they can also receive information and orders from other gadgets, such as smart phones or tables. Generally, there are two main interfaces or ways through a printer can be linked to a computing device: via USB or Wi-Fi connection. Traditional printers can use either one of these alternatives, but mobile printers are based exclusively on wireless connection. They work with batteries that you can change yourself and can be linked to any device that has internet connection.