Mar 1, 2016

Posted in Gadgets

Learn what the main features of levitating speakers are

When talking about speakers, some people think only of those bulky, out of fashion speakers that occupy a lot of space in the room. However, with all these technological advances, major changes were brought to these devices too. As a result, people have created some bluetooth speakers that offer high quality sound and that can actually levitate. Below are the main levitating speaker features one should look for when purchasing such a device. It is important to choose a reliable and trust-worthy supplier when purchasing such a device because this way you can be sure you benefit from the highest quality products.

360-degree sound projection

One great advantage these levitating speakers come with is the 360-degree surround sound. This means that there is no “back” of the speaker and the sound is not altered in any way when you are listening to music. The sound is emitted the same way in all corners of the room, so regardless where you are in the room, you benefit from the same high quality sound. You can hear the music loud and clear without having to worry about sound alteration.

Bluetooth connection

Another great advantage of these speakers is that they are wireless. You can connect them to any smartphone or tablet device through bluetooth. Pair the two devices and you can listen to your favourite band. The fact that you do not have to move a bunch of wires from one place to another every time you throw a party for instance is definitely a relief. You no longer have to deal with wires widespread all over the room and find different ways to hide them when using these bluetooth levitating speakers. Moreover, these devices are portable, so you can easily move them from one room to another with a minimum amount of effort, since the weight range of these products is somewhere around 1000 g.

The design

You have to agree that having a levitating speaker on your desk is actually a cool thing. The levitating effect is caused by some built-in magnets that are placed in both the base and the speaker orb. They reject each other the moment you turn the speaker on and place the orb onto the base in a specific position. Truth is you might not succeed at first attempt, but it is worth it in the end. What is more, some levitating speaker orbs have UFO-like shape, which make them perfect for those who are passionate about both technology and science fiction. Whether you choose one that has a spherical orb, or a UFO-like shape orb, you should know that in either case your guests would be impressed.

All in all, these are only three of the main features one should look for in levitating speakers. It is worth mentioning that these devices are quite affordable, since their price does not exceed 150$. In case you want such a device, it is advisable to look for reliable suppliers. As a result, reading some reviews online might actually help in this case.