Jun 1, 2018

Posted in Pc Secrets

Old-school marketing strategies tech-savvy companies shouldn’t overlook


Whether it’s small or developed, an enterprise should always move forward, and increase in success. If you have been noticing a drawback in your marketing outcomes, perhaps you should start implementing new ideas. While digital advertising techniques, starting with social media and up to SEO campaigns, need to be part of the marketing plan of any company functioning in today’s market, traditional alternatives should however not be neglected. If your enterprise is characterised as tech-savvy, you have probably not paid that much attention to old-school options, but perhaps now it’s time to pursue a change of direction. Here are the things you should focus on doing, which may just bring you some surprising results:

Branded umbrellas and other promotional products

Whether it’s an umbrella branded with the logo of your company or a pen with the name of the enterprise, promotional products are still as effective today as they used to be in the past. When handed out at the right gatherings (events, business fairs), to the right target audience, they might bring you a rapid clientele increase. Today’s consumers continue to appreciate promotional gifts, and if your choose them wisely, drawing interest to your business will be a natural outcome. As long as you collaborate with the right company for the production of your branded gifts, you will manage pursuing an effective, and budget friendly marketing strategies.

Direct mail marketing

While direct mail has been replaced with emailing in the majority of situations, you should know that going back to the basics might work better than imagined. If you use customized, printed envelopes that are designed to catch the eye of the recipient immediately, the odds are, they will open to check your promotional materials. When you are actually providing an appealing deal, a big percentage of the recipients might even contact your business and resort to your services or products. If you do it right, direct mail marketing can be the game-changing advertising solution you were looking for all along.


An ad on TV or on the radio might have been far from what your marketing department has been thinking about, but you should know that broadcasting your services or products will be an investment worth making. An advertisement on TV will give your enterprise the authenticity it needs in front of your targeted clientele, and one broadcasted on the radio will raise interest. Yes, TV and Radio advertising might cost a bit much, but if your company can allocate the budget, the returns will raise up to your expectations.

As you can see, while we do in fact live in the digital era, and marketing has been almost entirely moved in the online, old-school strategies still play their essential role. Although your company might be tech-oriented, and digital tools are your go-to options when it comes to advertising your enterprise, the few ideas mentioned above should catch a bit of your interest. After pursuing them properly, you will conclude for yourself how effective they can actually turn out to be.