May 8, 2013

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Windows 7 blue screen

When talking about computers or software and hardware we usually think about the work we are doing with them and the need we have to keep all our documents and files safe on our computers. But even though they are irreplaceable tools for our lives, the bad thing that happens to them is that they come to fail or break down and mess up with our personal work and documents. And if you have an operating system installed on your computer consisting of the Windows 7 edition you surely have come across different problems like the Windows 7 blue screen for example. You might know how embarrassing it is to work on your computer and suddenly your screen to turn blue and then the whole computer to shut down or restart. Despite the fact that operating systems are not what you might call new tech, for most people they are far to complex to be understood and therefore impossible to fix. So the blue screen is a big reason for concern for all users and especially for those who do not know what it means.

This is among the worst things that can happen to your operating system as it signalizes that something bad is happening to your computer. Moreover, the operating system takes this measure more like a safety way to avoid more damage to your computer. Usually the causes of this sudden fact are referring to some bad sectors or to various problems that can occur in the hardware or software components.

If you are among the people who have to deal with the Windows 7 blue screen, you should know that one of the causes can be given by an excessive heating inside your PC. If you happen to see a blue screen on your computer the first thing you need to do is to permit your PC to cool for a few minutes and take into consideration purchasing a suitable cooling system to add to your computer.

Another cause that makes your PC to turn blue and then reboot is the fact that you might have too many programs installed on and when you need to use more of them once the operating system will be overcharged and this will cause it to shut down. You should consider adding extra RAM to your computer in order to avoid your hard drive system to report errors and reboot. This is the best way to avoid Windows 7 blue screen as well. However if you have to deal with the blue screen issue and either you can start or not your Windows you should consider getting your operating system to its earlier state. In order to make this step you should use the System Restore that can undo recent changes and use the safe mode of your computer to start Windows. In some cases the Windows 7 re-installation might be needed in order to get rid of the errors reported by the hardware and software. Despite the fact that operating systems are constantly improving, no new tech discoveries will ever be perfect. This is due to the fact that software programs become more and more complex and the computer must be constantly adapted in order to support those changes, otherwise it will generate blue screen errors.

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Mar 21, 2013

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HDD bad sector repair

The innovative technology of our days has come with high performance computers and great operating systems that make things far easy for us no matter the reasons we are addressing to our computers. But unfortunately we all have to deal with hard drive failure in our computers or with bad sectors in the bard disk drives.

The most commonly known cause for bad sectors in our hard drives is given by the fact that in time the components that make the hard drives wear out and they lead to different problems in our computer display. But as you may know these problems are usually signalized by the operating system through different warning messages that are displayed on the screen and let us know that something is not working or is wrongly working in the drive system. The HDD bad sector repair could mean from recovering or replacing some sectors that no longer work in our drive system in some cases to the whole recovering or replacement of the hard disk drive. Of course the things are getting more or less complicated from case to case.

You should know that usually the bad sectors in our hard drives are referring to some logical or physical bad sectors. The differences between these types of hard drive problems are given by the fact that while the physical ones are basically more difficult to repair and even impossible in some cases the logical ones can be easily repaired using some software applications that have always good results.
In case of a physical shock of your hard drive the damage on your drive sectors is usually irreparable.

But what you should know is that the HDD bad sector repair is something you can not avoid in your computer as it is as impossible to skip as in trying to avoid your hard drive components from wearing out. And if you know you are intensely using your computer you should count that if you are lucky enough the sectors in your hard drive that are most used will wear out in about four or five years. But the good news is that for this kind of problem there are some applications that can be very helpful in recovering and repairing these bad sectors. What you should consider though is that once having HDD bad sector repair in your computer it is advisable to purchase a new hard disk drive for your computer in order to keep it functioning properly for a longer period of time. The reason for doing so is because the bad sectors can crash again or it may be the case of some other sectors in your hard drive to follow the bad sectors which were repaired.

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Mar 8, 2013

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Fix a Stuck Computer Monitor Pixel

Today, people seem to be more and more interested in purchasing a LCD because of its flat and sleek screen and high definition picture quality. But the bad thing that can happen to these monitors is that they can present sometimes some strange dots on their screen which is something that can annoy owners. If you are among the people that have to face these small problems in their LCD screen then it might be the time to find out why these unusual dots appear on your monitor and what types of such dots you can find on your monitor. In most cases these dots can refer to a single pixel or more pixels that either are not working properly or they are simply dead as the transistors activating them are broken.

If you wonder how to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel, then you must find out in the first place whether it is about a stuck pixel or a dead pixel you are looking at. You should know that if you find out that the unusual pixel on your monitor is simply stuck there are a few ways in which you can make it functional again, while in the case of a dead pixel not too much can be done in order to make it work again. Here is a great guide on zapped it

If you need to know the difference between a stuck and a dead pixel you should first find out the way the pixels are working. Usually a pixel is made of three sub-pixels which carry a red, blue or green color. While activated by transistors these colors blend in creating thousands of other colors corresponding to the images we see on our monitor. But sometimes different problems can occur to the transistors behind these sub-pixels and the lack of electricity can affect one or two sub-pixel and in the case it affects the whole three of them then we can say the entire pixel is dead. In most cases when we deal with a stuck pixel the dot on the screen will appear in one color of the sub-pixels or it can be white. But when the whole pixel is dead then the dot is black.

So, if you need to know how to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel you should know you have a few ways out this issue. First you should try to use a damp cloth after having your computer turned off. Applying some pressure on your stuck monitor pixel should help in inactivating the sub-pixel that doesn’t work. After doing so, turn on your computer and your monitor and see whether the stuck pixel problem has disappeared. Another great idea when needing to fix a stuck computer monitor pixel would be to download different programs or tests available on the Internet that deal with stuck pixel issues and that are very helpful in solving these kinds of problems.

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Feb 20, 2013

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Exciting Online Games

People love to play games because we are always interested in statistics, hierarchies, categorization and competition in general. Games not only stimulate our minds, but they help us develop our intelligence and imagination and allow us to apply, in real life, the things we learn in the virtual world. The skills and abilities we develop in games can often be used in real situations, as the games themselves are generally based on real-life rules, norms and regulations. Whether they’re board games, card games, team-playing games, computer games or any other type of game, they relax and unwind our minds while still offering lots of information.

Online games are very popular today because many people work with computers, so whenever they need a break, or just out of professional habit, they open a browser and play a short, interactive game. Websites like offer numerous online games for all types of people, from children to adults. If you are a girl, you can enjoy one of the many girl games offers, and have some fun making pancakes or helping Dora the Explorer manage her store. Boys can spend some exciting minutes with the racing games, driving some of the coolest and fastest automobiles and motorbikes and competing for the winner’s cup.

On you will be able to find a great variety of games, so don’t limit yourself to what you think you like, or what you believe you are good at playing. Even if you’re more of a strategy game person, you can perhaps try some defense or action games and see how you can apply your strategy skills there. If you think you’re more of a geek and prefer your games to be more educational, try the physics games and test your knowledge and reflexes. A very interesting experience will be Dechmog, a physics game offered exclusively by, where you need to use all your intelligence and abilities to help this loveable monster recuperate its single eye. With challenging levels, unique and attractive graphics, humorous atmosphere and exciting activities, this game will catch your attention and you won’t be able to let it go.

Furthermore, you can play free games on Fizzle Games, your favorite classical games, such as trying one of the many Mario games, or playing Angry Birds online. The fun never has to end as long as you let your imagination run wild and you give your best in playing these adorable, exciting, spooky, wonderful, eventful, or dynamic browser games.

At the moment mobile games are very popular especially when they can also be played on online platforms. Unfortunately, most mobile games cannot be installed directly on the computer. However, if you install an Android Emulator on your PC, you will be able to play a lot of cool mobile games. For example, if you search the we for subway surfers for pc download free tutorial, you will be able to play this amazing game on your personal computer. The idea of using an Android emulator in order to use the subway surfers for PC download free tutorials, can also be used in order to install all types of mobile apps on your PC such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

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Feb 8, 2013

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Fix LCD dead pixels

If you have a LCD and you have recently noticed that it has a faulty screen then there are some things you need to consider about the strange black or white dots that you may see on your LCD monitor. You should know that the problem with your monitor may be caused by some stuck or dead pixels that make the images you see on your LCD to present some different colored spots or dots.

If you need to know how to fix LCD dead pixels then it might be the time to find out more about the way the images you see on your monitor are been displayed by your Liquid Crystal Display. You should know that your LCD uses about two transparent materials that have between liquid filled pixels. The electricity which is transferred to these pixels actually creates the images you see on your LCD screen.

What you should know more is that there are about three sub-pixels carrying blue, red or green color that are included in one pixel. But these colors are combining in creating thousands of other colors. If any problem occurs with the transferring of the electricity to one pixel then you might get a corresponding defect on your LCD screen.

When you have to deal with dead pixels on your monitor you should know that the sub-pixels practically do not turn on or we can say that the whole pixels can not turn on and they create some black dots or spots on your LCD screen. If you see other color dots on your monitor, then it might be the case of some stuck or hot pixels on your liquid crystal screen.

However if you deal with dead pixels you should know that there are a few things you can do by yourself in order to fix LCD dead pixels. The first thing you should do in fixing your screen pixels is to turn off your computer. After doing so, try to take a damp washcloth to your hand and put some pressure using it in the area where you saw that dead pixel. Try to stick only to the faulty area because if you pressure in some other place, you might cause your monitor other dead pixels. While doing this to the faulty area on your screen, turn on your PC and monitor. You should take away the washcloth you’ve been using in applying pressure and see whether the problem with your pixel has been solved. If not, you have nothing else to do in order to fix LCD dead pixels and the best way is to use your warranty if available and take the monitor back to the manufacturer in order to have it replaced.

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Jan 29, 2013

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System Fix Virus

The System Fix virus is one of the most reviled malware programs out there, and that is due to its sneaky and misleading nature. The brilliancy of the System Fix virus is that at first glance it acts like a normal Windows program, doing its benevolent and benign tasks, but in reality it is sabotaging your computer. Practically, this is a fake disk defragmentation software and though it is neither the first nor the only one like that, it is particularly dangerous because its creators periodically change its name in order to fly under antivirus radars, so to speak. Other programs like the System Fix virus can be named System Restore, System Repair or Windows Repair. These malware programs act the same but they’re named differently to avoid detection.

Programs like the System Fix virus can be promoted on internet pages as being a quick and free system fix program; unaware costumers will accept installing these programs on their computers and then the System Fix virus will attach itself to Windows and take it over. It will hide any files and programs you have on your desktop and on the hard disk as well, making it seem like all your information was deleted. The files are not actually deleted, but temporarily hidden from you.

If you purchase this software and enter the activation key your files and documents will become available again, but your computer will still be infested with this System Fix virus. First of all, you don’t need to buy any activation keys because you can just remove the program and everything will go back to normal. Some of the bogus alerts that this virus might send will appear in messages like: “Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error” or “A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.” Other messages like this may try to warn you about data being lost, or even data being restored when you weren’t even aware there had been any data loss.

Accessing legitimate programs in order to remove the System Fix virus can be tricky if you’re not very good at computers, but usually you can do it yourself at home. First you need to restart the computer and press F8 until you get access to Windows Startup Menu. Once there, go to “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter. Now you can search for a Spyware Doctor program and download and install it on the computer. With it, proceed to a full scan of the computer and leave the program to do its job and clean up any threats.

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Jan 20, 2013

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Hard drive data recovery

A computer is indispensable in our every day life and we come to realize the value it has in the moment something bad happens to it and we remember how many important things we had saved on. If you find yourself in the situation of hard drive failure you should know that there are some ways in which you can get your hard drive data recovery.

Of course you should know that the best way to make sure to avoid losing the most important documents, images and files from your computer is to back up data.

But if you didn’t back up your data and now you have to deal with a ruined hard drive, then you have two ways out this situation and these are either to take your sick hard drive to a professional in order to get it fixed or to try to use another computer to which to add your dead hard drive in order to see whether you can handle by yourself the data recovery.

In some cases the owners can manage to see what kind of failure they are dealing with in connecting the sick hard to a secondary computer. So, if you happen to have around another computer take your failed hard drive and connect it to this computer using a universal USB drive adapter. If you don’t have this device around buy it from a nearby store or from an online site that offer such tools to customers. After connecting your failed drive to the healthy PC it is very possible for your lost data to show up on the screen of the secondary computer. If this thing happens you can consider yourself lucky in your attempt of hard drive data recovery. Moreover, this means your hard drive can be still operational but you will need to reconfigure its operating system.

But in the case the data from your sick hard drive can not be saved this way as the documents and files do not appear on the secondary computer you must take your sick computer to a specialist. This is the only way you can get in your hard drive data recovery and you will also have to spend some money in your hard drive fixing. The thing you need to know is that depending on how damaged your drive is, you can get your data recovery. In some cases you will get only a part of your documents and files which may not be in their initial condition but this is okay though comparing to the situation in which none of your files can be recovered.

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Jan 18, 2013

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How to prevent and remove viruses

Since every average person or business man has a laptop or a computer today there is no wonder why the industry has developed so much in this field. But having one of the top brand computers is not all in ensuring that your work on your computer is safe and secured. Along with high performance laptops and computers there are also software and different programs you need to install on your computer in order to benefit from the whole advantages the technology can give you.

Unfortunately, the Internet has come with different viruses that are real threats for any kind of document, picture or file you want to save on your computer. But since there are plenty of specialists that deal with all kinds of problems that can affect computers, luckily the market gives plenty of helpful solutions to people who need to know how to prevent and remove viruses.

If you are among the people who got their computers infected by viruses you should know that there are many anti-virus programs and applications that can help you get rig of these threats.

What you need to know about viruses is that they are usually replicating themselves and then use the Internet in order to get to as many computers as they can. A virus represents a self-driven program that once installed in your computer starts damaging the programs and files your computer contains. You can easily get your computer infected while searching the websites and downloading different pictures and files. You should know that a virus is usually contained in an attachment which was not previously scanned by antivirus software. If you want to know how to prevent and remove viruses you should find out that there is no antivirus program formula that can guarantee you a complete security for your computer. But there are many great programs and tools that can help in lowering the chances for your computer to get infected.

Among the most known symptoms that can signalize the presence of a virus in your computer we can mention the slower running of your computer, the sudden stop and shut down or reboot of your PC, the abnormal run, multiple error messages and the incorrectly working of the programs you need to use.
The best thing you can do in learning how to prevent and remove viruses is to purchase license antivirus software that keeps your computer up to date option active in order to identify and remove even the latest viruses that appear on sites.

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Jan 12, 2013

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How to speed up computer

Today almost all of us use a computer in order to access personal files, to keep track of some things we need to know about or to use the Internet. And since we all tend to create different shortcuts and put a lot of documents and files in our computer there is no wonder our computer comes to work very slowly and wait for some moments in responding to our actions. If you want to know how to speed up computer then you should take some minutes in reading the following lines of this article that will prove to be very helpful in giving you some tips and ideas about the way you should handle your computer for more speed.

The first thing you should do with your computer in order to speed up its actions is to upgrade its operating system. Usually the edition that includes the latest operating system will install on your PC even the latest improvements in speed and security. Also, if you want to run more programs at once on your computer and diminish the time you spend in waiting your computer to respond your actions you should go for adding extra RAM to your computer and this way your computer will handle more actions in a shorter period of time.

A great tip for speeding your computer is also to clean your desktop of the many unnecessary icons. If you use to make different shortcuts and to put many documents and files on your desktop you should know this way you take a lot of your computer operating memory and when you want to access your computer its actions will be much slower than if you choose keeping your desktop cleaner. Moreover instead of saving different files and documents on your desktop you should go for putting them into “My Documents” folder.
Another great idea in learning how to speed up computer is to opt for uninstalling the unused programs. These programs you are not using any more also take a lot of your computer operating memory and time. It is quite easy to make your computer run faster if you decide to go to your “Control Panel” and select the option “Add or Remove Programs” and get rid of a few programs that you are not using.

If you choose to periodically remove the Viruses, Spyware and Adware from you computer you will also get your PC work faster. In many cases the problems people have with their computer speed might be caused by some viruses that attack the operating system of the PC. From the Internet you can also get Spyware and Adware that different companies transfer to your PC in order to find out more about your commercial preferences. Scanning your computer from time to time and removing these threats can also help in your process of how to speed up computer.

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Jan 10, 2013

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Should you step up to windows 8?

Today, people are very tied to their computers as they are the best tools in searching the sites for different services and products. Not to mention computers are the best in keeping their documents and files and whatever counts more for them safe and secured. If you have a computer you surely know the value it brings to your life and you want it to function perfectly and always optimally respond to your actions. When it comes to a computer operating system we know for sure people need only the best editions that can offer to them improved features and security. If you wonder whether to get the latest edition of Microsoft Windows for your computer or not you should count the great benefits it brings to your computer and implicitly to you. So, should you step up to Windows 8? Many tech news sway you should. If you search for reasons for positively answering this question then you might consider in the first line the price Microsoft has put on sale its latest operating system. And the great news is that this edition is very affordable to every person as it comes with a download cost estimated at about 40 $. And if you make a comparison to the other editions released by Microsoft then you might find out that you will get for your computer an improved edition that also carries a less expensive price. This should be something that can convince you from the very beginning to purchase the latest creation in matter of operating system of Microsoft.

But if the question should you step up to Windows 8 still remains, it might be the case to consider the features this latest creation has. The first thing you should hear about is that the user interface is way different from what you have been used to. Many persons are appreciating this interface as it is more creative and fun. The thing that makes it so special though is given by the fact it goes pretty well with the touch sensitive devices. So, if you want to use this Windows platform for your laptop, tablet or other device the touch panel and the features this operating system brings will definitely captivate you. Another thing you must know is that the changes this edition has come with don’t affect though the familiar desktop you have been used to. You should know you don’t have to get used to some totally different features and you will still be able to do whatever you need to do with the programs you have used before. So, should you step up to Windows 8?

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Jan 2, 2013

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How to secure a wireless network

Today, there are many persons who need to use a wireless connection in order to handle their online tasks no matter the field they are concerned with. Regardless the wireless connection problems that can happen while working on your computer or laptop, you should know that more important is to ensure your wireless network security. Otherwise you might find yourself in the situation of having different persons getting into your network and mess around with your work. If you need to know how to secure a wireless network, then you should take a few moments in reading the following lines that will also help you understand the importance you should give the safety of your wi-fi.

The first thing you should do in order to secure your wireless network is to pick a stronger administrator password which is crucial in your router and access point as it is the one that can change your configuration settings. Actually the first thing you should do after setting up your WLAN router is to personalize the default password. You should know that default passwords usually are pretty weak as they contain the brand name so the best way for you to create a safe wireless network is to change the default password as soon as possible. A more complex administrator password could mean more in terms of hard to guess passwords.

The way you handle your Service Set Identifier (SSID) is also important as it can mean making your network available to other visitors or not. The best way to secure your network is to hide your SSID broadcast from unwelcome visitors by turning it off. Another great tip in learning how to secure a wireless network would be to turn off your router when you are to leave your home and your PC or laptop for a longer period of time. You should know that your router settings will be kept on even if you choose to turn it off. If you decide on turning off your router while you are away for a few days you are also eliminating the chance for other curious eyes to visit your router.

Enabling your WPA encryption is also very essential in improving your wireless network security. The WPA password means asking any other computer to confirm this password before connecting to your router which should also help you putting some limits on your router access. Among other ideas you should follow in learning how to secure a wireless network you should also consider disabling the remote administration. You should know that the WLAN routers can be handled by using the Internet and in order to avoid other persons to access you router you should opt for turning off this option.

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Dec 8, 2012

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Wireless connection problems

Nowadays it seems that no business can work without a computer or a laptop that can connect to the Internet and facilitate human interaction in business. And the great thing about the Internet is that it gives you endless choices and options in products and services that people find indispensable for their lives. Fortunately, today people can use even a wireless connection in accessing Internet from different places that are not provided with a cable connection for Internet access. And this should be great news for the business people that need to stay in touch with their employees or customers. But a thing we can consider as a minus is that there are different wireless connection problems that can become very annoying while needing to keep track of your work on the computer or laptop.

Among the types of problems you can come across in your wireless connection we can mention a few of them that most commonly happen with your wi-fi. The first situation is when you can not connect using the wireless connection and your computer will message you that there is no wireless connection. The second situation is when you have wireless connection but it drops out frequently which makes your computer working practically impossible. Another annoying situation is when the computer or laptop signalizes that the wireless connection is available but there is no internet access which makes your attempt in opening any online window impossible. And the last situation among the most frequently encountered is the one in which no wireless issue is signalized but there is a problem for remote workers.

And since these wireless connection problems can mean a lot of stress for the ones attempting to work on their computers and laptops the best way out of these problems is to visit a specialist who can fix your wireless connectivity.

Of course that there are some things you can do by yourself in order to determine the cause of your problem. The first thing you need to do is to check your driver compatibility. You should know that a certain wireless Internet adapter requires for a suitable device driver and you need also to have your router correctly installed. Another tip is to check whether your network adapter is disabled or enabled. If disabled you should enable it and see whether you wireless connectivity is on. If not try to take away your USB wireless tool and insert it once more as this may help also in getting your wireless connectivity. There are cases when your lack of wireless signal may be caused by the low signal from the wireless network. In such cases the wireless connection problems can be solved by moving closer to your access point.

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