Oct 21, 2013

Posted in Pc Secrets

Recover Deleted Files

A lot of people work with computers these days, so knowing how to deal with computer problems is very important. One of the most common problem people have is losing files, and how to recover deleted files. Luckily, there are some solutions, though recovery isn’t always possible. When and where it is we’ll explain in this article so next time you’ll know what your options are. But the best idea is to prevent losing files, so always create back-up files or hold copies on another computer and USB stick.

Once you’ve accidentally deleted or lost a file, the first step is to search for it in the Recycle Bin or Trash. If it is not there, then we can do a couple of things to try and find it, because chances are it is still somewhere on the hard drive. Everything that happens in a computer leaves a trace, so if we lose something we might yet recuperate it. In order to recuperate deleted files, stop anything else you were doing on the computer. Like we said, your document is still there, it’s just that the operating system sees it as deleted. While the information is still there, once you start accomplishing other tasks the system will write them over the space left by your file.

In order to makes sure you won’t be caught off-guard when you’ll have to recover deleted files, make sure you install a file recovery program on your computer and have it there at all times. That way, immediately when you lose a file you can activate the program and let it do its job. Some of the best programs to recover deleted files for Windows systems are Undelete Plus, Restoration and PC Inspector File Recovery. These can be easily downloaded from the internet free or for a small fee. If you use Mac, then you’ll have to invest a bit more to purchase the Data Rescue II, but we’re sure it’s well worth the $99 just to make sure you’ll not lose important files.

So you’ve lost some important documents. Armed with your rescue programs, do a complete scan of the computer and see if you recover deleted files. Once the results are in, you’ll see a list of illegible names and files, but you don’t need to worry about them. Somewhere in there you should also find what you have lost. In more extreme cases, you can take your hard drive to a professional and have him work their hacking magic to try and recover your lost files.