Jan 29, 2013

Posted in Pc Secrets

System Fix Virus

The System Fix virus is one of the most reviled malware programs out there, and that is due to its sneaky and misleading nature. The brilliancy of the System Fix virus is that at first glance it acts like a normal Windows program, doing its benevolent and benign tasks, but in reality it is sabotaging your computer. Practically, this is a fake disk defragmentation software and though it is neither the first nor the only one like that, it is particularly dangerous because its creators periodically change its name in order to fly under antivirus radars, so to speak. Other programs like the System Fix virus can be named System Restore, System Repair or Windows Repair. These malware programs act the same but they’re named differently to avoid detection.

Programs like the System Fix virus can be promoted on internet pages as being a quick and free system fix program; unaware costumers will accept installing these programs on their computers and then the System Fix virus will attach itself to Windows and take it over. It will hide any files and programs you have on your desktop and on the hard disk as well, making it seem like all your information was deleted. The files are not actually deleted, but temporarily hidden from you.

If you purchase this software and enter the activation key your files and documents will become available again, but your computer will still be infested with this System Fix virus. First of all, you don’t need to buy any activation keys because you can just remove the program and everything will go back to normal. Some of the bogus alerts that this virus might send will appear in messages like: “Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error” or “A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.” Other messages like this may try to warn you about data being lost, or even data being restored when you weren’t even aware there had been any data loss.

Accessing legitimate programs in order to remove the System Fix virus can be tricky if you’re not very good at computers, but usually you can do it yourself at home. First you need to restart the computer and press F8 until you get access to Windows Startup Menu. Once there, go to “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter. Now you can search for a Spyware Doctor program and download and install it on the computer. With it, proceed to a full scan of the computer and leave the program to do its job and clean up any threats.