Aug 24, 2015

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Why Android tablets are the best

Tablets have been present in the lives of consumers for more than 20 years and since their appearance on the market manufacturers have made considerable efforts to improve their functionality. While Apple is considered to be the leading manufacturer, there are many that argue in favor of the efficiency of the devices produced by Google, namely the Android tablets. According to Android tablet news, the portable device produced by Google is just as performing, if not even better. The device does not resemble in any way the first model launched that was generally considered of poor quality. Instead, the device has all the features of the iPad and something more.


In the beginning, the Android tablet was less expensive than the iPad, but it also lacked the most important feature, performance. As a result, many users started to associate them with poor quality. Up to the present moment you had to purchase very expensive devices in order to make sure that you get something that you can use for years to come. This generally meant that you were force to purchase iPads and other products that are out of the price range of the ordinary consumer. However, the situation has significantly changed to the point that the Google has managed to deliver high-tech products that can very well rival with Apple and other manufacturers. In addition to this, they have made their products affordable for everyone’s budget. Brands usually tax users for the privilege of using their devices and this is why they are so expensive.

Apps and media

The main difference between Apple and Google is that the latter offers the user mostly free of charge apps. The user is given the possibility of choosing from millions of apps available in the Google Play store. The media store is comprehensive in terms of services provided and thus the user can download music, movies, books, but not only. Most of the applications are especially created so as to comply with the specifications of certain devices. Basically the user has access to various magazines and TV programs, as well as games that present multiplayer gaming capabilities, cloud saves and many more. The conclusion is that the Google Play store is not empty as it used to be compared to Apple.

General features

Just like Apple devices, Android tablets feature a user-friendly interface that is based on touch-screen technology. This means that the user is able to activate icons with the touch of a finger and scroll easily through menus. Additionally, the dual-core processor of the Google device allows software to run more smoothly and the manufacturer has brought other innovation to the market before Apple like video chatting, cameras facing forward and backward and many more. If you choose to purchase Android tablets, then you can benefit from wireless charging, storage space and Jelly Bean technology.

To sum up, the tablet produced by Google is definitely the better choice because it is less expensive than the iPad without lacking performance. The device is superior in terms of price, programs and features.